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Rock identification

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Can this rock be identified?  This particular sample is 2.75 x 4" it has a somewhat spherical shape and is quite heavy for its size and very hard.  It almost resembles a piece of river rock; however it was encased in solid rock more than 200 feet below the surface.  This type of stone can vary in size from less than an inch to well over ton.

I have been curious if this type of rock has a name and what process forms them.




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Looks like an iron concretion. I have several different types. They have "equators" and commonly form in sandstone. 

The surface of Mars is covered with the rascals. Not a whole lot is known about them.

Check out "Martian blueberries", "Moqui Marbles", and "Iron Concretions". Some call them "Shaman Stones".

They have some in Kansas that look like little buttons, tops and space ships. I have found hundreds in Glorieta Sandstone. There is a spot in Escalante Canyon  that the ground is covered in them. They are quite a mystery.

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1 minute ago, wet/dry washer said:

Could they be ancient iron/nickel meteorites?

No. Concretions form by precipitation of mineral cement around a nucleus, often times a fossil. There are many minerals that form concretions. Among them are limestone, dolomite, pyrite, goethite, hematite, gypsum, and calcite. 

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