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Meteorite? No clue.

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The shape it decent , but something about this one picture that doesn't fly. Try cleaning it with a tooth brush, soap, and water, rinse well and let dry and post another pic. But post the window first if you don't mind. You know how to make a window right? you've been on here a while I don't want to insult you.


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It is nodular hematite. Probably my favorite meteor wrong. That brocade surface really does not look anything like fusion crust but it always makes you jump when you see it. And this rock has a nice shape on one side... Almost regmaglypty. But it is a nodule or a concretion of hematite for sure. 

Polish up that window. It will almost look metallic. Let a few hours go by and it looks like graphite. I don't know how many times I have tried to make a meteorite out of one of those rocks but you just cant do it!

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48 minutes ago, Bedrock Bob said:

But it is a nodule or a concretion of hematite for sure. 

Bingo!!!! That's what I was remembering!! Iron oxide concretion!! Just couldn't remember the name. This is from WUSL ,  this texture was ringing the bell.



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Yeah, they will really shake you up sometimes. And some will SNAP to a magnet like a solid chunk of steel. Once that texture is a little waterworn it looks a lot like fusion crust. And when you cut a window it is submetallic so it leaves you wondering!

I found a big one with a metal detector one day. Had no idea what it was. I always remembered that rock. 10 years later I started met hunting. Went back to that spot and found that rock again a decade later. It was my very first meteorite wrong! I still have that ugly rascal somewhere too.

Now I hardly look twice at them. But boy I thought I had a moon rock when I went back out and found that one for the second time!

This one looks good with that shape. The defined ridges look really met-like on that one side. But that krinkly, brocade surface screams iron nodule.

It is a perfect example of what a met does not look like. Or maybe what one looks like in your imagination!

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