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Bitten by the Bug, Again!


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Baja down, had bad blow-by so did a teardown.  Cracked block so new case, ouch. Blue printing and balancing as I go. Square cut cam / timing gear, serpentine belt will make it last longer.

Used Plastigauge for clearance on new bearings. Cool, never knew of this.

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Great thread, I also played with bugs years ago. I had a Baja but my favorite was a 64 rag top sunroof, i found it sitting in a gas station in Vidal Junction on a trip to the river.  I was driving a semi to a company get together at the river, my girlfriend was with me and did not know how to drive a stick shift, however she was a good student and was shifting well in short order.  We convoyed, (a very short convoy) to the river, less than a hundred miles I think and had a good story to tell when we rolled in there.  After a day or so I took off to do drops in Az. and we loaded the bug into an empty trailer and the company took it back to Orange County.  It was a really fun car and she was a wonderful person....  Good memories..


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