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Bitten by the Bug, Again!


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I wasn't in the market for a car but when I saw this come up on a local Facebook page I couldn't resist. $1500 and she runs like a champ. Needs interior and a few other items but should be on the road this weekend. Fun times.


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I used to have a VW trike, I worked on it so much...If I walked towards it with wrenches in my hand it started loosening up.

Loved the trike.

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Forgot how much fun they are, have owned four, 2 1959 panel vans (wish I still had those) 1 - 1959 bug with cloth sunroof and a 1972 Super Beetle I drove off the show room floor in San Jose in '72 just before I went to Vietnam.

My whole family owned bugs.

Great remembering all the tuning tricks and how friggin easy they are to work on. Now to sell my TR6.

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Now I've gone and done it, Facebook is such a bad place to hang out, saw this post yesterday and I couldn't help myself. Fully rebuild 1910 with 20 hours on the motor. Should make that 1500 coming out feel like a law mower engine. Now I have to worry about the tranny. Will definitely get me to the desert faster.




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Missed all this while I was on "vacation.." Nice.. :D
Bummer about the TR6, but like all things automotively neat
it needs driven or turns into a money pit.. I need to make the same
decision real soon abt my scoot.. Haven't been riding lately cos of this
con sarn newfangled balance problem I've recently been blessed with, which
is really kinda silly since I feel safer riding these days than I do walking.. The issue
though isn't so much about riding as it is about what happens after I dismount..? Purt
weird walkin' around on inch thick uneven rubber blocks that can't be felt through the numbness, lemme tell ya..


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On 3/5/2019 at 4:34 PM, GeoJack said:

 Al, Neropapthy?

I tried to PM this to you.. Guess you either have a full thing or have it turned off..

That's ok though -- when I hopped back onto the forums I'd said I'd write an explanation to all about my absence.. Never did.. Well, here's the Cliff's Notes version: 


Haven't been logged on for a while -- since that post, actually..

Thought I'd told you about this..? Oh, it probably "got lost" when the Polymyaliga Rheumatica (sp) hit I bet; that's what I talked about in the forum..

I'd had the tinglings & minor numbness for a couple / few years prior to the Polymyaliga BS but it was sooo minor I didn't even try to find out what was going on.. That all changed a year ago November.. Within a matter of weeks I went from my big toes being numb sometimes to everything below my ankles being numb.. It was kinda a last straw for me at that time.. I could hardly walk without feeling like I was gonna fall over.. I stopped all online activities.. I stopped detecting cos I couldn't trust my balance along with the no feeling.. Got major depressed -- had a really great pity party goin' on for a while..

Thought I'd snapped out of it when I got back into the forums around December.. Started hittin' the beach again.. Thought the walking & detect was helping.. I don't think that's the case.. A couple days after I go out things get worse than they had been.. Hasn't stopped me from goin' out, yet, but the issue now is I'm getting the "creep"crap they talk about.. The numbness is moving up my legs.. It's almost to my knees.. I'm trying to ignore it, but don't know how long I can.. I think it's starting to come back in my hands too, which is where it started back when but then 'fell' into my feet -- which wasn't an issue there either until just over a year ago..

Hey man, I'm well aware of all the dumb crap I did to myself with chemicals & toxins back during my indestructable-worker days, and I did have a purt good head / back injury that could be responsible for this too.. Guess I figured I'd never live long enough to have it all catch up with me.. I sure fooled all of 'em, including myself -- HA!

That's the story.. I just have a real hard time being inactive against my will is all.. That's what gets me down the most..



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39 minutes ago, GeoJack said:

If you are looking for some nice tires at a nice price, Federal Couragia M/T Mud-Terrain Tire- LT235/75R15 6 PR through WalMart for $111.00 free freight.

I will need new tires this year. I have some knobby 31's on the rear, but I need something less aggressive for the front. With no fenders on Patches I throw stuff all over myself:25r30wi:

A 1915 is a nice step up:yesss:

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Fresh motor in, but as things go, I put the wrong pressure plate in it (grrr) and I have to pull it back out to change it. Neighbors are not going to like me for awhile as I break it in. I have the muffler tip for the exhaust but took it off until I go off road. Nice sound. I'll get a video before I pull it out today. Tight fit and I had to move the oil filter to the firewall upper right behind the air filter (not shown). She's a monster at over 100 bhp.



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