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Hi my name is Victor.

I'm from Doreen in Victoria Australia.

I'm new to metal detecting and have got myself a Equinox 800.

lot's to learn, so any help would be great.

Even Clubs that maybe  are near me, or some good places to start looking.

Thanks for letting me part of this Forum.


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Here's a picture of the coins I have found at some parks I have been to.

Starting at the top the coins are $2 then $1 then 50 cents then 20 cents then 10 cents then 5 cents to the middle right of the photo are 2 cents and 1 cents All Australian coins.

The bottom 3 coins on the right are a 1944 penny 1951 half penny  Australian coins. and a New Zealand 2 cent. 

I'm much a newbie to this. I'm slowly getting confident using the Equinox 800.

I don't have metal detecting experience with any other detector, but it your willing to read the instructions and watch as many u tube videos about the Equinox as you can. I'm sure anyone can pick it up and think it's a great detector to start with.


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