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Drilled Quartz?

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48 minutes ago, Greg L said:

So far I’m at two crystal shaped inclusions that were softer than quartz?

That's pretty much how I'd sum it up, Greg.  Those cavities result from natural processes.  If the rock had been drilled by a human, even back in the early Stone Age, the holes would be round.  Early man was very adept at making very round holes.  I've seen early tools and beads with bored holes found at archeological digs in Judea, relics of the Lower Neolithic, and those holes were as true to the naked eye as anything I could bore on a lathe or mill.  In man's quest to create more and more complex tools, boring round holes was a fairly easy first step on the long road to becoming master machinists and engineers.  Gears and cams and pinions took a bit longer to master. 

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