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Well,... went and had three teeth pulled last week,....Was told that it would help me find more nuggets, :yesss:and that it would make me look much better:4chsmu1: .  ....The verdict is still out on the second quality..??..  :25r30wi::laught16:  Gary



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Might want to find another dentist.....just my opinion :)
Tom H.


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On 8/19/2018 at 11:17 AM, Saul R W said:

LowPoint, I hate to nose into another fellow's personal hygiene regimen, but I really think you should work on your flossing technique.

I don't think it's your flossing technique, I think it's the kind of floss you're using.  Try using something the diameter of boat anchor rope.  :ROFL:


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