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12 minutes ago, Morlock said:

Are there any suitable substitutions for hatch peppers? Can't find them in my area.

I'm surprised you can't at least get the canned ones in your area.  Any green chile will work. Anaheims, Pablanos, a few jalapenos in the batch will warm it up a little. Hatch chile is the best though. 

I made a big batch this year, but with a beef roast...and I think it's much better with cow.


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Wal Mart has 505 brand chiles as well as Bueno brand. Both are "Hatch" chiles.

The "Hatch" brand canned chile is not Hatch chile. It is a name brand and is Mexican and Texas chile. It is available at any chain supermarket.

There is no green chile you can buy that tastes like fresh roasted green chiles from the Hatch or Mesilla valley. You can get it shipped to you frozen straight from the source. 

We freeze about 60 lbs. a year. We don't do much green chile stew. Rellenos and enchiladas account for most of the green.

Red chiles are the kind you eat in the off season. Green chiles are seasonal. Frozen green chiles are o.k. and canned chiles are mush. The red is the stuff that you eat when the green is not fresh from the field.

Red pods and powder is cheap and can be easily shipped. But it is tough to find it outside of the area it is grown. Most products in the stores are tasteless ground paprika powder mixed with "Mexican" spices. Real, pure, ground red hatch chile is much different than the various "chili powder" sold in the gringo aisle.

Whole red pods make chile caribe which is the base for red dishes. That is what you use when fresh green mesquite roasted pods are not available.

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3 hours ago, Morlock said:

I would much prefer to use fresh peppers as opposed to canned. I'm sure there's a mexican food store somewhere in the area that might have fresh ones. 

I agree on the fresh vs. canned, with the exception of the 505 brand and a couple of others which originate here locally (in NM). Walmart in your area should have jars of 505 which I personally prefer to the fresh Anaheim long green variety. The 505 is fresh roasted with the blackened bits included. It includes a little lime juice which seems to add subtlety to the flavor. 

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