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Lake Erie gold / Shipwrecks

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Professional Underwater Investigator and wreck Hunter  - new to this group just introducing myself. I live in Arizona and California and have worked wrecks all over the world. I have a lot of interest in Lake Erie finds and have been following many projects on the Great Lakes.  To date I  have discovered wrecks in multiple nations including wrecks of Spain, Japan, America, Canada. I am currently working projects in Arizona, Oregon, Mexico, and California. I work non profit so my discovery’s go to the museums and belong to the public.                 I am trying to sort out the source ship of gold coins that wash up on the shores of Erie and would love to here from any hunters that have found any! To date we know the discovery locations of over thirty coins that appear similar in age and mineral content. We are hoping that with help from others we can map the currents and debris field or at least identify the nation of manufacturing and year.  All the coins shared thus far are significantly sanded having traveled great distances on the bottom making the markings on most undistinguished or non legible. Metallica testing arts indicate the source gold is South American and all test about 18 kt in purity having trace metals of copper, arsenic, and amalgam. This just adds to the mystery of the source. We can not say these did not come of a 19th century ship though we can say they appear to be from around the 16th century in manufacturing.  I would love to see any pictures or hear any stories of finds others have had along the shores. The oldest accounts date to the 1800’s after storm surges. 


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