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NEW! Hand Made Drywasher

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Wow.  It's a thing of beauty, I tell you.  Who knew a village wag could have such skill?  I love the sound of those wooden puffers.  Just the look of one brings back some great memories (and somehow, the work involved getting gold with one of those things doesn't seem so bad after 40 years).  The use of modern materials in a few strategic wear points doesn't take away from the classic look of the thing.  I'm impressed, and will special order one when I get out to that end of the country (I refuse to ship anything east, only to carry it west again on my back in three months).  Very, very nice, Bob, and Bill, It's great to see a business that supports desert craftsmen.

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It loads right to Bob's fine-looking dry washer for me.  You have to wait for a minute as it sort of loads past the store to that page, and not click anything while you're waiting.  I tried earlier and now again, and it works okay as long as I wait for the photos to load.

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That is a nice looking "puffer" Bedrock Bob and enjoyed the history behind it's design. I built a small puffer (Sam Radding design) this past summer just for the purpose of testing tailing piles and reworking old drywasher piles. Frame and hopper are constructed from cedar while riffle tray and body are made from poplar which puts the total weight under 10 pounds for easy portability. Mine is more of a tester/sniper puffer. 

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