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Is it possible that the vicious act of spectroscopy damaged the rock, and sucked the Nickel out of it?

Capitalism at its best.

Send a specimen here. http://meteoritetesting.org/Submitting a sample.htm I'll even pay for it. We can put this to rest really quick.

find out in the morning, sure they can date the caliche, confirm the temperature that fused it to the fall rock.


they carbon date bones. googled carbon dating meteorites, they were first to come up. world wide company out of florida. 

bedtime, don't be dreaming about virgin fall rocks. lucky only one was violated.

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4 hours ago, wet/dry washer said:

calcium-aluminum-rich inclusions-the oldest known solid constituents within meteorites that are formed within the solar system- are 4.567 billion years old, giving a lower limit for the age of the solar system.

so...the virgin magnetized fall rock that Aerolite violated will be sent to the carbon dating lab to have it and the caliche dated.

days of our life contin.................ues.

If those "fall rocks" were hot enough to set fire to "pine lumber" it would have reset the atomic clock on any nuclides they would use to date it. The heat would diffuse the nuclides in the specimen and it could not be accurately dated with radiometrics. So you are pretty much outta luck with your dating game. 

Too bad you don't have normal meteorites that don't get hot and can be dated, huh?

They use carbon dating for carbon based life forms. It is all about carbon 14. Living things stop absorbing it when they die and then it begins to decay. Since meteorites are not carbon based and do not absorb carbon in their diets they can't be carbon dated. It is just a cold, hard fact of life. :inocent:

They use other radio nuclides to date rocks and minerals bob. Not radioactive carbon.  

Tell us again why you cant get these authenticated the usual way?

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9 hours ago, Bedrock Bob said:


Tell us again why you cant get these authenticated the usual way?

You're never going to get a satisfactory answer. It'll be the same old___________. 

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1 hour ago, wet/dry washer said:

to confirm that they was hot enough to cause fire and that they are in fact "asteroite fall rocks".


Meteorites are not real unless science says they are. And yours are obviously not real. Science has clearly spoken.

Our opinions here are backed up by every expert opinion you have solicited. They are reinforced by the results of every analysis you have mentioned. Your description of the events and circumstances surrounding the stones make it plain these are not meteorites. If what you say is true then they simply could not be.  

Why don’t you just go out and find a real one? The kind that science agrees is a meteorite? Start small and work up just like everyone else.

If you spent a fraction of the time learning about meteorites as you do creating an alternate universe you would be an expert. You could find a real meteorite with the time you are investing in this folly. Why not stop the silly song and dance and go hunt one down for real? Like the rest of us!

You are not going about this like a meteorite hunter. You seem to be trying to figure out a way to make slingshot ammo worth something. You are doing a bunch of irrelevant tests and developing some data on paper to present as “fact”.

You aren’t hunting meteorites. You are indulging in a fantasy around these worthless rocks.

One can only assume that you plan on using this irrelevant data to convince someone these rocks are meteorites. I certainly hope that no one is fooled. That would be where this little fantasy crosses the line.

Wouldn’t you agree bob?

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Carbon dating is certainly not used in meteorite identification.  CRE is useful in determining how long a meteorite has been sitting on the Earth; however, your rocks have yet to be confirmed as meteorites.  It's a simple process to get a meteorite classified.

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response from Beta Analytic-

unfortunately, we are unable to accept material unless they are submitted and paid for by a recognized government agency.

so....will put it to rest for now.

thanks for the entertainment.

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