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Lead for a Great Bag for Equinox or Gold Monster


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Hey gang,

I saw this Gladiator wake board bag at Overton's and thought, "That looks like it may be a great metal detector bag." 

Typically I find that bags made for other sports seem to be much better padded and better made than bags made for metal detecting.  So I ordered one.  This bag kicks butt.  I really like the fact that it has a lot of padding.  It is really wide.  It has a big zipper mesh see-through pocket for accessories. And a little zippered pocket for bits and bobbs.  And it's only like $39.99.

I tried to find out who manufactures these but I wonder if this is Overton's own private brand because I couldn't find anyone else that carries them.  They were on Amazon, now they say they are no longer available.  I don't know if that means they are closing them out or what.





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Bill I had 20 come in, but they screwed up the holes on the cover where the buttons are on the detector.  Fortunately it was just a matter of them having to cut the holes larger and restitch them, but it will delay things about a week.

I actually sent out a couple before I discovered the issue, so I am going to have to replace the ones I sent out.

That's why I always make them send me the first 20 off of production.  The proto-type was perfect, and then the person who cuts the patterns grabbed the wrong proto-type and made the hole pattern wrong.  Very frustrating.  I have over $1,000 invested right now just in DHL shipping charges sending proto-types back and forth.


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