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I found my biggest one today!

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Awesome! It is nice to break a dry spell with a nice piece of gold.

I started hunting meteorites after 20 years of prospecting for gold. After about six months of hunting every day and not finding anything I went back to the placer. I had all sorts of patience that I never knew I had and hit more gold than ever. Those dry spells teach you something!

I have never been so *on point* with the detector as those days the sun is going down and I had no gold. I have never been so sloppy with the detector as when I am on hot ground digging nuggets left and right. Its kind of a conundrum but I think periods of both are what is best. It takes one to be able to handle the other.


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Way to go Tammy !!  :thumbsupanim

Keep 'em coming...   :head:


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Proud of you girl, you're doing better with that Monster than I am.  I'll get used to it some day but it's hard to teach an old dog new tricks.  :ya:

     Old Tom  

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