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Strange silver rock object

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By all means take it to the recycler!

If this is metallic I would bet this is an aluminum casting of a sculpture done by an art student. That is a very common exercise for art students learning casting. They make a mold from the original and use aluminum cans to reproduce the sculpture. It very closely simulates bronze casting techniques and most art students are exposed to this lab exercise.

If it is not metallic I would say it is a sculpture that has been finished to appear metallic. It is difficult to tell from the photo. But that is a sculpture, or a casting of an original sculpture. No doubt about it. The form and surface was created by a human, with hands and tools in a plastic medium. The only question is whether you are looking at the medium itself or a casting thereof.

I would ask myself if there was something inside it. That is not beyond the realm of possibility. Whether it is modeling clay or a casting it could certainly have something very interesting inside. I would definitely break it open and find out. It could be a cosmic piñata.

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