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Greetings :)

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Hi guys,

My name is Iulia, I'm here because NUGGET SHOOTER. I've got the link from his last video and Yeah ...signed up. I have started doing metal detecting recently ... like 9 days ago but I got hooked and I'm very grateful to find this community. I'm newbie yet but I'm keen to learn more about this awesome hobby! 

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you're all having a great day!


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Welcome Lulia ... we're an eclectic group here ... just by way of a warning :rolleyes: ... just because we appear gruff on the outside doesn't mean we aren't kind and caring on the inside ... we are all family here!:old:

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Well, Welcome Lulia,....   Where are you from ??

Although you are new at metal detecting right now, you can learn and pickup some great hints and ideas on this forum from those who have become successful over the years by reading past experiences from such sections as:  "Where does gold come from."  Many of us try to make it educational and a learning experience for others new to the detecting "skill" by describing ( or photographing) the situation or location where we actually found the gold nugget(s) for example.  I say skill, because you will find that it does take "skill", understanding your detector, picking up and learning from others who have been successful in this activity, as well as actually-using-your-detector ("hands-on", and "boots-on-the-ground" detecting) and experimenting on your own to search out whatever "treasures" you seek with it.  It really is a fun hobby if you have the imagination and desire to search out hidden-metallic-treasures under the ground just waiting for someone like you to discover.  Good Luck , and have Fun.  Gary   

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19 minutes ago, wet/dry washer said:

Remember, females are more intelligent and have better instincts then males. Also they hear better. Welcome aboard

Females have better instincts and men have bigger end stinks. That is one of life's great truths.

Welcome to the forum Lulia! 

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