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Beat the heat retreat


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Had a really great 4 days back in the hills looking for gold. Met up with some great friends around Dewey/Humboldt area. There is a lot of gold in this spot but unfortunately.....none of us could seem to get our detectors over it??? Oh well. That is why its called prospecting and not picking up gold :) We had a blast. Thurs night the rain dumped on us. It got down to about 70F and we all just sat under our canopies soaking it in feeling sorry for the folks in the city. Pretty cool to see normally dry washes flowing. Next two days were kind of muggy though    BLAH.... The hand stack in the pic was 3 feet high and about 20 ft long. Someone put a heck of a lot of work in that area..Ate a lot of good food, made new friends and reminisced a lot. The view was AWESOME from camp. Just had a really good time out of the PHX furnace.My cool find was a old shot gun shell base made from 1860-1930s Enjoy!!!! 















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Great pictures Tom.   :thumbsupanim

It was good to see everyone again.

If the heat hadn't been so oppressive, I'm certain someone would have found something shiny and yellow.

Thanks for the invite and the ribeye !!  :oregonian_winesmiley:


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54 minutes ago, Patrick in Havasu said:

I agree with Luke on the pics Tom. Be sure to invite me again. .  You picked a super spot. 

Ummm....your the one that picked it!

I just suggested :)

It was a pretty nice place to camp.

Tom H.

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1 minute ago, Alwaysdirty said:

Those hand stacks are a great find!

Shay.....they were brand new. Someone was living there working that area...left, and left a pick up load of trash behind :2mo5pow:

Tom H.


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3 hours ago, boulder dash said:

I also spent 2 full days hitting new ground and managed to see zero gold. Detecting is hard.... 

That last sentence is so true!!

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That was funny...a weight way out here. Who knows how it got there.

Tom H.


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Wondered where my practice discus landed? :4chsmu1: Back in the day back in High School I used a 10 lb weight like that for warm-up to throwing the discus at track meets.

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