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Interesting.  I don't see why the AF would advertise this.  I don't think anything is covering it up.  I honestly doubt anyone up there, including radar, noticed anything more than a meteor explosion 43 km from base.




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Wonderful I searched prior 1.7 Kiloton

I find meteorites and get them published in the Meteoritical Bulletin. Jan 18, 2000 a 1.7 Kiloton meteor crashed in the Yukon Territory on frozen Tagish Lake. A team of reseachers recovered about 200 small pieces equaling about 2 pounds (I Kilo) before the ice melted in May. 

I hunted Tagish Lake the next summer for two weeks after the fall. I covered about 155 miles of hiking the shoreline of the lake. My technique was a narrow perpendicular grid pattern from lakeside to treeline slowly moving one lane down shore. I started after breakfast and never quit until about 9:30 p.m. daily. The tiaga forest was hopeless. A small nearby lake was also searched where original pieces were recovered. I found everything but Tagish Lake Meteorites. I had float planed in and camped in a tent. 

I, and others, would love to go to Greenland and conduct a search. Those at the Thule Air Base were fortunate in that would have easily seen it, even in broad daylight or, more likely, late twilight. Last Saturday's meteorite at 2,1000,000 metric tons was a little larger than the Tagish Lake Meteorite at 1,700,000 mt.


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