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First of this week five prospectors were beeping a large ranch East of here when the Federal Police 

arrested them and confiscated all of their equipment, don't know if they were also given a fine. Then 

just 50 KM East of here is miles of Eucalyptus trees planted in a perfect spacing and one prospector

was arrested there and his equipment also taken by the Federal Police. Tomorrow taking all of the 

coils and other prospecting equipment out of the Toyota. Here they don't ask you if they can search

your vehicle, instead they just say get out of your car and stand in the front of it. Been there done that.

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Beginning to sound like a crack down own all gold prospecting. Hope other countries don't start following their example.

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Hope out libtard politicians won't get any bright ideas, to try changing our mining laws.

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Gold prospecting never was easy, but this makes it tougher than... :stupidrb:

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