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Well now,... "That was fun!!":4chsmu1: I was out today sort of early doing some detecting and trying to stay out for atleast an hour or-so, and yet beat the summer heat and humidity back as well (so much for that).boorb I was detecting up a wash that had been thrashed:ya: pretty good by the last couple of monsoon rainstorms. The floolding water had opened up a section of bedrock and exposed it from bank to bank for a width of about 8 ft. Or-so; the center of which had been scoured thus-leaving a "V"-shape. (The whole exposed section was about 15 ft. Long). There was still water flowing at a trickling-pace, and most of the lowest areas had pooled-up holding water.

I had just detected the exposed bedrock up against the left-side bank and was about to swing the coil across and over to the right side exposed area when my eye:yesss: caught the slight coloration of something (sort of blurred) lite-yellowish down under the water in this open ("V"'d) pool. I had to take a double-take thinking it might just be a light-yellowish-colored rock (as I have found a few times in the past:grr01:). It really wasn't bright, yellowish, and metalic-looking, so I wasn't really sure if it was a nugget or not at first. I didn't even bother to swing my coil over it;... I just stooped down and plucked it out of the water to take a look. It was just then that I realized:WOW: that it was indeed a nugget that was just laying there under 4" of water in a wide-open "V"-shaped crag:ROFL: !!!! I can't say that I have come across a nugget that way before, so I guess there's a first time for everything.

All I had with me was my cheep Tracphone, so the first few photos are of it ( probably blurred) "in-situ". They are probably not too good, but they should be good enough to see what the conditions were like. The last few photos are of it after I cleaned it up at home with a different camera. I also found a small "dink" just upstream (photo'd). The big nugget weighed in at 1.15 Grams, and the combined weight of the two came to 1.22 Grams. "Come-on Monsoon Rains,...come in hard and heavy some more!!!" :poostorm:   Gary


3107-101413_LI (2).jpg

3107-101444_LI (2).jpg

3107-101457_LI (2).jpg

3107-101514_LI (2).jpg













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23 minutes ago, fishing8046 said:

Cool beans! Did you know that the term Huckle Bearer is a person that carries the coffin?

I suppose that adds some dimension to Val Kilmer's line in Toombstone doesn't it? I always wondered why he said that and figured it had some significance. That makes perfect sense. 

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On ‎7‎/‎31‎/‎2018 at 8:02 PM, Alwaysdirty said:

Now that is a cool way to find some gold! The water makes the nugget look even bigger. Way to go Gary!

"Yea", I thought so too.  This stretch of the wash had been covered ( I have been up this wash many times in the past) with all sizes of coble from hard-clay-packed sand and rocks (which I couldn't even get a pick into), to  "boulders" that had been too big to move.  It's amazing the power that fast-flowing water has during a monsoon storm.  It had to have been "just-ripping" down this wash to leave it scoured and clean to bedrock.  Just upstream of this spot there is a contact zone of schist and granite that cuts right thru the wash, which may be where this nugget (and a few others that I have found in the vicinity) came from.    

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Oh, on a side note Gary.....I will never poke at you complaining about the heat up there :) Fri/Sat it was so hot and humid I only got about 3-4 hrs a day in detecting. I went up a wash about 1.5 miles and went through my whole 3 liter back pack of water! I was pouring.

Taker easy.
Tom H.


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Boy Tom, I think you were lucky to even get 3-4 hours out there last weekend.  Whenever I have been able to get out (up here) I'm usually out about 7am, and the "humidity" drains me by 10:30.  It's not so much the heat now, but the humidity "socks-it-to-ya".  I feel like I'm walking around in a hot sauna dripping with sweat.....  Well,.. guess I can't really downplay and say that about the heat, as today (right now) it is 101 out with about 30% humidity.    Hurry up Fall and Winter!!!  Gary 

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I agree Bill,...  It's a Great feeling and experience when you are on your knees after digging down far enough to get to a gold nugget; and then you finally see it just laying there.  And the added-adrenaline-pumper is when you can eye-one from an upright standing position,... then when you pick it up, it really turns out to be what you "hoped" it would be. :ROFL::4chsmu1::WOW: 

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20 minutes ago, tomlanewilson said:

Very Nice Gary I need to get back to Lynx soon.


Ok,....  Your statement sounds desperate?!?!?  Not to worry,....  It's still up here,...  there's just not as much gold in it now :brows: :4chsmu1:  

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