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Equinox 6" Coil Beach Hunt

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Last night I decided to use the 6" coil on the beach after my first usage in the desert on Saturday morning.  Wow, was I surprised.  I thought I'd go out for a short hunt at about 11:30 PM and be back in a couple of hours.  It turned out to be a lot more fun than that.

As soon as I got to the beach I knew the conditions were pretty good but this 6" coil has been burning a hole in my floor since I used it on Saturday looking for nuggets.  I gave it one day of rest and then I had to go use it on the beach.

My first target was a dime.  It sounded good and it was down about 3 inches.  Not bad I thought for the little coil and then I came across a lot of pennies. Often times I won't dig them but I wanted to know how deep the coil could see them so dig, dig, dig.  I was finding pennies at 6-7 inches with no problem.  I know because the diameter of my sand scoop is 6 inches like the coil.  After many pennies I wanted to get to a different part of the beach so I skipped them for a bit.

When I got to where I wanted to be someone was up on the blanket line with their detector.  I hunted along the wet sand in Beach 1 all out (25).  I started finding some quarters.  I worked my way down the beach and I looked up and saw a guy 25-30 yards ahead of me coming in my direction.  (I ignore this guy because he doesn't fill his holes.)  I turn back away from him to work my little section and I get an 8 signal.  I dig down about 7 inches and I see the rose colored ring in the scoop. ( I don't know what is in this ring.)  The other guy has just walked past me so I drop it in my pouch so he can't see it.  I swing around the find area and about 20 feet away I get a 3 ... it is the Michael Kors belt buckle ring.  (Fun to find but not worth much.)

All along I'm finding more quarters and the $1 coin.  I walk down to a beach I call Ring Beach but nothing to be found.  On the way back I hunt a newly exposed area near where I found the two rings.  I get a signal that jumps between 12 and 14 but never staying on 13.  It turns out to be a 14/20 Toe Ring.  So, now I have 3 rings with the smallest coil I've ever used on the beach.

Something is going right.  Along the way I find a fine chain.  There were a couple of the quarters I dug that had to be 9 inches deep.

It was a fun first time on the beach with the 6 inch coil but it won't be the last time.







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2 hours ago, fredmason said:

very nice, Mitchel!  You seem to know your beach very well...


Thanks Fred.

This weekend I want to use it on the Hot Patch and any other place I can get on.



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Great Finds Mitch,

  You sure have the experience for some nice beach finds...


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I have been trying to sign in for a day now with my Google Chrome but it says 'page not responsive' so I am using Microsoft Edge.  I need to 'reset' the browser.

Now that I am here I wanted to post my picture for the 2 hour hunt yesterday with the EQ800/11.





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Killer finds Mitchel , I have not had the chance to get my 6"coil out like I would like...Keeping an eye on my Dad, he had eye surgery on the 8th and he will have another one o the 22nd, plus taking him to VA...kept me busy.....

Great finds, keep it up.

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Mitchel: That middle ring in your July 24th post, the one that looks like a belt with a buckle -- There are some vintage Mexican artisan rings that, I believe, introduced that style concept back in the 1940's or 50's.  Any hallmarks on the one you found?  It looks too new to be one of the original early Mexican silversmithing pieces, but you never know...

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