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Micro Digital camera


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any opinion on my micro camera....it is digital , hooks to computer with usb…….

This is small lead and a BB on paper towel....BB for size

Sat Jul 21 16-15-27.jpg

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Not bad.  Does it have a light included?

I looked at the micro USB cameras instead of getting a snake camera for auto work.  That pic is much better than my snake cam.

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Yep, got the light and stand. light is adjustable ..got it on ebay for 10 bucks plus shipping from US dealer.

it has a focus and can be used off the stand....not bad for a cheapie.

got it from calif.   6 bucks shipping


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If you got a flexible piece of metal tubing to hold the camera, it would be much better than my Milwaukee Snake Cam from Home Depot.  Most of the time I use my snake cam, I end up just jacking the car up anyway to put eyes on the picture quality is so bad. The snake cam has helped a couple of times, but I've used it at least a 100 and the other 98, no good.

You'll find so many uses for that.  I wonder if it could project onto a screen a view from a micro scope lens or even binoculars.

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Mine shows my image on my computer screen, then I take photo.....got a 27inch monitor....BB looked like a cannon ball  :)

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