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Cool in Colorado - Gold Country


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Been traveling around Colorado. Beautiful state with a rich mining history. In Telluride now for a few days. Just chilling out after 7 days of camping and being off grid here and there. Been visiting national parks and mining country. Prospecting and detecting in national parks is not allowed. 

Colorado has lots of country to beep and prospect. Endless mines and hiking. Hope you are all staying cool wherever you are. Getting back on the road soon. Life is good.

Enjoy the pics...

No visible gold but screams on the Gold Bug. Lots of pyrite showing. Gold and pyrite do run together so we'll know more when we crush it.


Nice molybdenum specimen.


Some cubic pyrites.


My daughter and I at the Old 100. Very cool tour with neat history. 


A nice quartz slab with gold and pyrites someone had at the Old 100.


Met some kids from Missouri on the Old 100 tour who wanted to see some "real gold" so we showed them some.


Inside the Old 100.


Massive pegmatites in gneiss and schist at the Black Canyon of the Gunnision national park. Only 2,500 feet down to the river. Lots of great photo opportunities here.


Hiking the Black Canyon.


3 pics from La Plata Canyon. A great mining history here. Met two guys while hiking who had sluices and pans who were on their way somewhere. Once we began talking gold they had to leave all the sudden. Think they were worried about their honey hole being discovered. Can't blame them for being cautious. 




Big mudslides below Sawpit and Placerville. It's rained every afternoon. Sometimes it's light, other times very heavy. 


3 off road pics. Lots of opportunity for those who wander.




A nice morning in Telluride.



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Great story and REALLY cool pics! Thanks Rod.

Enjoy it up there. Its HOT down here :)
Tom H.


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Thanks for sharing. Silverton is one of my favorite spots in Colorado. Spent some time in the mayflower mine awhile back. The bunkhouse above the Old 100 is pretty amazing to see hanging on the cliff above.

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