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Bill Southern Cameo steals new GPAA VID!

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Actually Adam it is a very good learning tool for folks wanting to get into prospecting and once one learns to use literature to see why they are on a club claim and where the gold was found like from Maureen Johnson's book Placer Gold Deposits of AZ they quickly begin to learn to hunt other areas on their own. Remember we all had to start somewhere and there are many who need some guidance and claims to hunt, the GPAA offers just that for a dang reasonable cost. I have been a member for well over 20 years and it was the Ol' Buzzard on the TV on a Saturday morning that began my switch from rock hound to gold prospector.

I had no clue I would be in the video though, pretty cool....

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I think the GPAA has offered a lot of help for those interested in the field of prospecting along with giving members a legal place to prospect. If one attends the group outings  "greenhorns" can get a crash course on some of the basics to help you over some hurdles in the beginning. I will never forget my first GPAA experience was at the Hacienda Hotel in Las Vegas, Nv back in 1987. Though my past work most of the time kept me away from the goldfields...my thoughts and dreams thru the years never left the goldfields :>) 

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You hit the nail on the head Bill. For a greenhorn the GPAA is the first logical step.

The young cuernoverdes that want to be gold miners join the GPAA just long enough to figure out how to separate gold from dirt. Then they look over the hill at some spot and decide for themselves whether they are going to ask permission or forgiveness. By the time their new GPAA hat is sweaty they are in another placer around the campfire with someone more experienced. The next thing you know they are living in a sweaty little camper eating Bush's Beans and lunch meat. They see little specks of yellow metal when they close their eyes. Suddenly they wake up. 30 years has gone by and they are us!

 But not everyone takes prospecting so seriously. Sometimes it is more than prospecting and access to a spot.  A lot of folks like the fellowship of local GPAA clubs and outings. Lots of older guys that don't get around too good, lots of families that like outdoor activities. What a great crowd!

I used to take the El Paso GPAA on outings way back in the day. I had claims in Hillsboro where I offered weekend gold outings and several people from that club were regulars. As a group we hit the Caballos often and found lots of good gold. There were always a dozen excited people and everyone enjoyed themselves. I helped their founder locate the claims in Orogrande and had a ball out there too!

It is easy to be critical of the GPAA sometimes. And it is often well founded. But I always had a lot of fun with the GPAA crowd around here. 


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