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Sierra rivers and glaciers???

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I got to pondering this a couple months ago and have been trying to study up on the issue via the WWW....not much help though.  My thinking is that the wide valleys up in the high country are probably glacial but the steep, sheer canyons are probably more from erosion than glaciers....a couple, questions for any geologists that know the answers....

Barring the different types of bedrock, is there a known rate of erosion for the average mountain river???  Like maybe a foot per thousand years???  Two feet??? I realize there are variables such as flow rate and amount of debris such as rock and sand, but is there any "baseline" for an average???

Also wondering if the glaciers were mostly confined to the higher elevations, (which I suspect). Any links to a "DEFINITIVE" book on the subject is welcome....:snapoutofit:

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