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4 July Dinks and a little Hmmmm?

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These are some 4th of July dinks that were scratched off the side of this hill. Awhile back I had noticed this area on top of a hill above a wash where the rocks had been neatly racked off indicating somebody was working a patch. I returned this spot and worked my way down toward the wash finding a couple of dinks last weekend. I returned on the 4th and got several more off the pictured bank. This spot is 25 feet above the wash and about half way to the top of the hill with about the same slope shown. I would think those tiny dinks would be a lot rougher but were well rounded like they had been traveling down a wash. A couple were a little rough but the others not some much. So maybe this gold was deposited from two different time periods and not necessarily coming from a source toward the top of the hill. Of course I'm probably over thinking it too.


Side Hill.jpg

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Yea, nice looking rounded-dinks there.  Where you somewhere down in the Bumble Bee area of Arizona??  That type ground sure looks familiar.  If it is, I'll bet you got hotter than the hinges-of-hates if you where down there after 10 or 11 am yesterday.  The "cool pines of Prescott" weren't so cool yesterday at about that time either.  Based on your picture, where you were may have been an ancient river bed that (due to tectonic geologic forces) had been raised up eons ago; which had created the present day wash below it today.  Gary

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