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6 years without a nug


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azdigger, what is your definition of a nug?    i have only been detecting for 8 months and found a piece of cricket feces (or fly poop)only .hope i dont have to wait 6 years.  i commend you for your patience

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Hunting with a detector , I have not found any gold.....at all

I have found gold with a drywasher, recirculating sluice , and a gold wheel plus a Mountain Goat Trommel

 I can find coins, nails, tacks , bb's , lead , foil and even rings but no gold with a detector.

Had anything from GMT, to 4500 and a gold monster........not ment to be.


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I now have an Equinox 800, finding coins, rings and such....enjoying it very much, selling my 2 whites detectors....don't use them anymore..(they are in classifieds)

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20 minutes ago, Musa Shawa said:

I have been working for 6 years now and I am using a Fischer Gold Bugs machine. I found more than 100 coins and some silver rings but I could not find gold at all.

Exactly which gold bug do you have, original Gold Bug, Gold Bug II, new Gold Bug, or Gold Bug Pro?

All of them will find gold but some are better at it than the others depending on the ground and possible gold.

Is there natural gold known to be found where you are?

If so you should find some IF and when you get your coil over the gold!!

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