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Metal meteorite?

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Hello everyone.  I'm new one on this forum. My main hobby is hunting of coins and relics with a metal detector and I've been doing this for last 12 years.  And this is the very first time when I found something that looks like a meteorite, so would be very grateful for some help with identification.

Some facts about the rock:

- place where it was found - Eastern part of Belarus (Europe);
- was found with metal detector (dug out) at a depth of 30 centimeters (12 inch);
- metal detector detects it like nonferrous metal;
- it's very heavy (density maybe like lead), if necessary I can try to calculate;
- non-magnetic with ordinary magnet but becomes slightly magnetic with very powerful neodymium magnet;
- solid but can by filed with good rasp-file (look at the pictures)

Thanks in advance!










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Have you done a streak test on it?  What color streak?  Cheers, Unc.



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On 7/3/2018 at 4:31 PM, MeteHunt said:

It scratches the tile and leaves no marks.

No marks?

This is a tough one based on what the finder is saying. color of surface scale,conductivity, weight, color of window. I'm thinkin lead-silver. galena?.

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I've found several like that that I streak tested but they all, without exception, left a red or black streak...Interesting....Cheers, Unc

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It is not a meteorite, 

But you aught to find out what kind of metal ore it is anyway.

Good luck!


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15 minutes ago, adam said:

Magnetite is quite magnetic. The OP says that this rock is only slightly magnetic. Which leads me to believe that I have no clue. Hematite can be slightly magnetic though.

 :D  I agree Adam. its got me puzzled too. I say do a scratch test on un-glazed porcelain, inside of white toilet tank lid and see what comes out of that. rather than all of these exotic floor tiles.

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