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Help needed, is this a potential stony-iron (pallasite) meteorite

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Hello everyone. if anyone with experienced knowledge of meteorites can provide insight as to if this is a potential meteorite that would be amazing. I’ve done a bit of research and from what I’ve determined, it passes all the home tests and definitely fits into the iron meteorite classification. However, after carefully analyzing this rock, I did notice yellowish-gold markings on its outer surface from which could potential be olivine. As everyone knows, stony-iron meteorites are from the boundary of an asteroid core and it’s rocky mantle. That would explain the fact that it has two distinguishable crusts. One that is the mantle, and a thin black fusion crust from the fall to earth. Any help is appreciated!






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9 hours ago, Hank said:

So what are the reasons why it is not, just curious?


You take really good photos and I appreciate that, you can see well in the details what the object is and isn't. The third photo down of the broken face, if you click the picture and zoom in you can see tons of vesicles, vesicles don't occur in iron or Stoney iron meteorites. There are no olivine crystals present in your object, olivine crystals are a defining feature of pallasite meteorites, I think you're mistaken those yellowish spots for olivine, I pretty sure those are all rust stains. There are large broken faces on your object leaving behind a grainy/granular texture, irons never appear this way.

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