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Went Crumb Chasing

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Good deal Bill :) You got some :ya: In my offroad group someone said they found some bear prints in the Morristown/LSD area. You ever see any in the years you have hunted up there? I thought Bear prints had claw marks on the tips? I donno....




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9 hours ago, Nugget Shooter said:

Went out close to home with the GM 1000 chasing crumbs in a beat up patch, got 2 got hot fast and hey Saul I found my lucky nickle :thumbsupanim

Nice work chasing gold in the heat.  About the nickel, you could glue it to your photo bench.

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Regarding the bear track, on hard, rocky ground, they wear their nails down, and the claws might not show unless the bear stepped in mud.  A bear that lives on softer ground, like up in pine needle country or in tundra, will have longer claws than a high desert bear. 

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