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As most of you know I have been making adjustable bungees for 20 years or so.  Many for the Swingy Thingy and Ultra Swingy Thingy, but a lot of them have been sold to detectorists who have their own harness rig, or a Camelback hydration system that they have set up for use with a bungee.

So as things evolved, of course my products have to evolve too.

One thing that has come to pass is the wide variety of rod shapes on metal detectors.  It use to be that they were all round and approximately the same diameter.  Now we have rods that are diamond shaped and the rod on the ATX DEEP SEEKER pulse induction machine is the size of a baseball bat.  So I had to address the issue of redesigning my plastic rod adjustment connection to fit a wide variety of styles of rods.

Second issue, was my old design, you had to have a separate bungee for every detector you had, because there was no way to detach the bungee from the adjustment piece that connected to the rod.  This also caused a problem because when you detached the bungee at the "D" ring, which was the only place you could detach it, and laid your detector on the ground, the bungee would be lying in the dirt.  So I wanted to keep the basic design of the bungee adjustment rod connector, but give you an easy way to detach the bungee so you could lay the detector down but the bungee would still be on you, attached to the "D" ring.  I achieved that by adding a slot on the side a little smaller than the bungee.  It holds the bungee in, but a slight tug and it pops out of the plastic adjustment piece.  Another slight tug and it pops back in place.

Third issue,  Many people like to adjust the length of their bungee at the "D" ring.  So years ago I invented a snap that allowed you to adjust at the "D" ring.  Minelab finally got the clue and designed a bungee that adjusted at the "D" ring too.  BUT some people like to adjust the length of the bungee down on the rod.  They can lift and lower the rod to the proper feel and length and then lock the bungee in with their non-swinging hand.  So why should I not give them both options.  Adjust at the "D" ring, or the rod.

Fourth issue, which actually happened by accident.  In redesigning the bungee adjustment piece that attaches to the rod, I actually realized that you can use Minelab's bungee just as you would with their rod attachment point, which is not adjustable, and which can break with rugged use.

So the end result is a new bungee that has the ability to be adjustable at the rod or at the "D" ring.  You can easily detach the bungee.  You can have one bungee, and buy several rod bungee adjustment attachment pieces for each detector. And you can use your Minelab bungee.

These are in production now.

Want to adjust the bungee at the rod, no problem, tug the bungee up into the groove and it is locked at the perfect length.  Need to lay the detector down?  Pull the bungee out of the slot on the side.


Like your Minelab bungee?  No problem, it hooks on or you can go past the loop, slip it in the slot on the side and adjust the bungee at the rod.

Like to have the option of adjusting at the "D" ring or the rod.  No problem with this new bungee.

Let me know what you think!  Obviously Bill will be carrying these because I am going to make him.  :ROFL:
Take care!


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