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"FINALLY",....WE GOT SOME RAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Headed down into the lower Arizona desert this morning, and the weather was gorgeous,....cool 60's just after an over night rain.  Non of the washes had any water in them, but where wet and the air was cool.  Sure wish that the rest of the summer would remain like this.  Did about an hour's hike up a wash and didn't find even a piece of trash.  By about 10:30 it started sprinkling on me.  It sure felt good,................then all of a sudden it started getting heavier rain,..and then heavier, and then "Hey" I'm about an 30-45 minutes away from my pickup, and I'm starting to get real wet.....  So I unrigged and started trekking it back as fast as I could.  But the rain got heavier, and I'm sloshing it in the mud as fast as I could.  I finally got back to my pickup and threw everything in haphazardly.  I was "soaked", but luckily had an extra pull over shirt to put on.  I'm sure lucky, as I no more than closed the door to my pickup and it really started coming down  "cats and dogs"-style.  I think it pummeled my pickup for about 30 minutes or-so.  I sat there in my pickup and ate my saggie peanut butter sandwich (really kind of enjoying the rain(-even wet as I was) and I heard kind of a rumbling sound behind me????  I opened my window and peeped toward the back of my pickup and the wash that was dry when I had gotten there a couple of hours ago was running strong,....WOW.  No gold today but got a nice picture of one of the desert's curious little creatures with "many" legs.  Gary





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Great adventure Gary :) The desert smells so nice after the rain.

Cave creek area got hit pretty good. No rain here in Peoria though.

Tom H.


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Great pictures, Gary.  The  rains were definitely a beautiful thing.  Only downside is that usually night hunting comes to a stop soon after because of all the bugs that start breeding.

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