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Hello Everyone! I'm a new member and my knowledge about rocks, minerals, and crystals are very limited. I recently found a very interesting piece of carved rock while out hiking. I'm not sure what type of stone it is, or what the symbols mean, but I drilled a hole in the top and made it into a necklace. I was just hoping someone might be able to tell me what type of stone it is!




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I'm not so sure that you should have drilled a hole in it .  You might have offended some kind of ancient sun god.  All in all it's a good find.  Might be plastic, just how heavy is it and does it seem pliable or more ridged like stone?  :89:

     Old Tom

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It looks Chinese and I don't mean Ming Dynasty. If it is stone it appears to be common nephrite with a lot of inclusions. The carvings in it are machine made, (moto tool). sorry its just a common nice looking piece of modern jewelry. wear it and enjoy it.

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