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Hello from Reno!

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Well i joined awhile back but just getting around to introduction. I got hooked at gold hill back in 2013 when i found my first .5 nugget. We had just been trained by a guy named Mel who lived in Congress. He was with Arizona outback i think. I was living Flagstaff before moving to Reno and spent lots of time hunting for anything my gpx could find. I have found coins, jewelry and meteorites plus all kinds of historic trash. I also got into panning and sniping this year, but not much luck yet. Also just added the monster to my tool box and have been finding all kinds of tiny targets, but no gold yet, love that gold monster. I look forward to learning more and more from you guys, thanks for having me here!:rolleyes:

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Hardtimehermit ... First welcome to the forum. By way of a correction for you ... That wasn't the company you mentioned. It was Arizona Gold Adventures run by a forum member Terry Soloman. Mel was one of his instructors. As for the GM1000 there is a lot of really good information on this board ... especially the videos by Bill Southern the owner of this forum. 

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Thanks for the info Mike, my boss at the time set up the whole trip with Arizona Gold Adventures. We had a good time, found a half gram nugget our second day out, and now i hope to be able to hunt as much as i can. Thanks for the telling me about Bill's videos. 

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