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Border patrol agent shot, wounded in southern Arizona

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On 6/13/2018 at 5:25 PM, fishing8046 said:

I ran into a few out at Greaterville on Saturday. I haven't seen any in there in over 10 years. WTF Come on let's guard the border at the border.

Hey now they get illegals and drugs up north there too :)

Just like how the Atlantic Wall didn't work for the Germans, it's hard to stop all of them right at the border. Sometimes gotta go after them further inland too.

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It’s simple BP just needs to be allowed to enforce the laws that are already in the books.

I expect to see traffic on my claims that are near the fence but it does suck having to watch your back in places like Greaterville, Las Guijas, and Mount Stevens. Although Greaterville is probably the lowest threat of all the placer deposits south of I-10, the burlap back pack people tend to stay at higher elevations in that area. 

It’s interesting though not much has changed in southern Az you can visit Postons grave at the cerro colorado in Arivaca and it reads that he was killed by Mexican bandits in the mid 1800s and there are still bandits operating in the area.

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Hey guys both Desertpilot and Tortuga are the real resources on the Boarder topic.  One in the air, one on the ground. The best of men, the real good guy's! I pray that God keeps them safe and the government provides you with the tool to get the job done. 

Your right Tortuga but I can help to get pissed having to stop at a border checkpoint 40 miles from the border. 

What is your opinion on this weeks change in position by Trump's executive order?

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