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Instructions for Specific Gravity testing and spreadsheet

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I know everyone and their brother knows how to do Specific Gravity tests, but for the newbies, here is an old You Tube video I did, actually walking myself through the process.  Also, the big bonus is I did an excel spreadsheet that I am happy to share with anyone who contacts me with their email address.  I will send you the file.  You punch in Dry weight and wet weight and wham, the grams of gold are figured automatically for you via the mathematical magic of excel equations.

Hey gang, I am including a link to my dropbox folder where you can find the spreadsheet to do your own Specific Gravity.  As I said all you have to do is enter the Dry weight and wet weight and everything else is done for you automatically.  I have the Excel file in two formats.  .XLS and . XLSX.  Feel welcome to download the one that will work in your version of Excel.



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Watched the instruction video and used the tables today.  Thank you for posting this.

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