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GM 1000 Voltage ?

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 I figure they should run at 12V, right? My AA battery pack is actually a bit over 13V with the 1.5V rechargeable batteries i use, but my rechargeable battery pack that came with the Monster is only charging to 8.15 V. What do they normally run?. I guess when Bill gets some more AA battery holders in i  will get  1 or 2 and more of the 1.5V rechargeable batteries if my rechargeable battery pack is bad.

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On 6/10/2018 at 3:16 PM, grubstake said:

Just plug it in to 220, you could run alday! Ha! Ha!Long,long,long extention cord. Grubstake


What a great idea. Think of the depth! You could sit at home and beep nuggets on the mountain. :rolleyes:

The first real LRL. Keep a few fire extinguishers handy!

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Most detectors run on 12 DC, But they all have a regulator in them, thats why you can run rechageables, at a higher, voltage, the built in regulator cuts it down. Grubstake


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