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Doc's After-Market Replacement Bungee for Minelab

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So what do you do when your Minelab Bungee wears out on your GPZ7000?  You can order a new original equipment bungee that comes with a lot of other accessories that you don't need.  Or you can order Doc's replacement after market bungee for $15 plus s&h from Bill.

Here's the secret to replacing your bungee DO NOT THROW AWAY YOUR WORN OUT MINELAB BUNGEE!

Take your old bungee, cut it and slide the plastic snap off and save the snap.  Thread the new bungee through the snap.  Take the plain end and thread it up through the side of the snap that does not have the groove that you use to lock the bungee at the proper length.  Now go through the hole in the snap and down through the side that has the adjustment groove.  I supply you with a piece of thick walled adhesive lined heat shrink to finish the plain end.  You can either loop it, like Minelab does, or, I prefer to just leave the end plain and put the heat shrink on it.  By leaving the end plain, you always know the plain end is the end you use to adjust the length of the bungee, and the looped end is the end that you attach to the detector.  If you do decide to put a loop in the end, before you apply the heat shrink, form the loop and use a piece of strong thin line to tie the bungee together to form the loop.  Then put the heat shrink over it and take a heat gun to it.  I use dental floss because it is very thin and very tough.  If you don't tie the bungee together first before applying the heat shrink, the loop will come loose.  The adhesive inside the heat shrink is not enough to hold the loop together under constant tension, you need the thin line to tie it to itself.

This bungee cord that I use comes from Australia and is fairly expensive, but it is the shipping costs that is a killer; the rolls of bungee cord are very heavy.  However, I wanted to make sure I was using the same quality and strength bungee as the original.  This replacement bungee is the exact same length as the original.

Call Bill.  It's always good to have a spare just in case.  Unless you are one of those brutes that swing that GPZ7000 without a bungee.

Take care!


Replacement Bungee Small.jpg

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