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Uncle Ron

Meteorite ID Aid

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Yo All... As a few of you know, I used to invent and market ozone systems for water and food purification for everything from the kitchen sink to the NASA Space Shuttle Program ... I have 5 patents and had a manufacturing facility with 65 employees doing assembly ... I used high density ceramic tubes for electrodes in some systems ... When I quit the business and moved to AZ near 20 years ago I had cases of the ceramic tubes left over ... The ceramics make great knife finish sharpening tools and they also make awesome streak sticks for meteorite and mineral/rock identification ... So I bought some handles from Lon, who used to be on the forum here, and assembled a few what I'm calling "Streak Stiks" ... I started to launch this for sale years ago but got side tracked... Any how I have about 5,000 of these I'm going to sell ... First, I want to ask what you meteorite enthusiasts think of this?  I'm retailing them for $9.95 plus USPS postage ... What do you think about this?  Cheers, Unc


StreakStik 1.jpg

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Ron, I am not sure how that will show a streak...certainly not anything a person with alternative-color-vision could see...that would be color-blind to the not politically correct...haha


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