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Freshwater beach hunt

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Went out to a local freshwater beach on the Colorado River , was full of folk this weekend....

Got there at day break...was already 8 folks hunting , I took my place on the beach.
I found 5 pennies , 2 dimes and 2 sinkers plus 3 metal tent pegs . Still learning but I am getting able to tell bottle caps from coins and pull tabs . If it beeps I still dig it but I try to ID what I am about to dig.  Hardest thing to find was 2 split-shot sinkers as they was the same color as some of the gravel.

I am learning , finding stuff , but learning.

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It is a slow learning curve but sounds like you are doing better.   i too went out yesterday and hit the trashiest park around.  I got about a buck in clad and only dug two gold bottle caps that hit in the coin range.    I  have to slow down and will do better.

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