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I searched the member list and we have never had a member here by that username, but we do have a member by the username of Sawmill...but he hasn't been online here for almost 4 years, I also check on a couple of other forums I know he is a member and he hasn't been on those forums for about as long.

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10 minutes ago, Saul R W said:

Howdy, Getoffmyclaim.

Ha!  Admins, if anyone ever comes asking about me, it's probably Wife Three looking for money for her newest set of teeth.  Saul who?

Don't worry Saul, you're safe, I only do something like this if the member hasn't been here for years and get a good valid reason from someone as to why they need the contact info, in this case the info was really old and no longer valid, which is usually the case.

If the member that is being seeked is still current on the forums the person requesting contact would have to resort to trying to PM the member.

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