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I have a Compass Gold pro. ¬†It works great. But the ID cover came off inside and is rattling around and it needs to be put back in place.. ¬†I live in Reno. ¬† ¬†Any one out there know a place to take it too. ¬† I love this machineūüėä

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 A simple on off switch available at an auto parts store may work.  Could be connected be soldering or crimping, but could make a good in your spare time project.  THere’s plenty of electronic switch websites with pics.  It helps if the part has a part number attached to it.  If not, it can get wired externally, if it is only the power switch that is broke.

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On 5/6/2020 at 6:55 AM, Jeffrey Hastings said:

I have a Compass Coin Hustler 1 bought in 1982. In 2009, the power on switch broke. Can anyone fix a switch in a detector this old? Thanks so much!

Jeffrey, where are you located?  If You post a pic of the switch close, we may be able to help you do it..

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Sorry about that,  Jeffrey.  What town are you in?  There’s probably some local detecting clubs, radio clubs, boy scouts, high school tech and robotics clubs or other groups with tech savy members who can help out for free. We have a  robotics club at school that would love a project like that, and you could demo detecting to them to spark their interest in exchange.

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