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Makro Multi Kruzer Unearths Missed Goodies in Pounded Park!

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I went to a park in Yonkers, New York, the second "hilliest" City in the United States, just behind San Francisco, and detected a park that has been heavily hunted since the 1970s. It is in a very old part of the City, that is now run down, and dangerous. I was approached by two sets of policemen during my 90-minute hunt, and after short conversations, me giving them my business card, and them warning me to "keep your eyes open," I continued detecting. Not my best hunt ever, but the Multi Kruzer, three-tone, 5kHz, gain 80, really sniffs out copper and silver missed by countless other detectorists over the last four decades!

Really starting to get a feel for the machine as I approach 100-hours on the headphones. I got out of the area without being robbed or assaulted, got some wheats, an IH with a marble beside it, and a silver. Happy-happy!




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Man wouldn't it be GREAT, "IF" there could be a group of vigilantes that cruised these areas and cleaned them up tight !
Wheres Charles Bronson anyway ?
Its getn more like "Escape from New York" everyday !



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At least you found a few older coins...did that copper tag have any markings/writing on it? There is an older city park just down the road from me that has been in operation since 1924 but unless you search the outer "fringe" areas you can't find the old coins you know are there. I am convinced they are lying under decades accumulation of crown tops, foil, pull-tabs and aluminum screwcaps so thick they are completely masked from any detector :>(( 

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