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Eaaaa ! Who Turned Out the Lights ?


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Eaaa. PNM turned off our Power today ! WTH ? We paid them two months ago !   LOL   Butt Nuggets charged us another $130.00 on top of what we owed to turn it back on. Sheeeeeeeeese ! Guess I need to be paying a bit more attention to their bills from time to time.   Yea, I need a job like that.  Driving around all day cutting power to folks.   Just have your partner diving a hour behind you turning em back on after the Extortion is paid.  LOL    I really need to get my dogs to not like that guy !

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I would think they have to give a warning?

Tom H.


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Nope.   Bone heads didn't even leave a Note.   Only reason I knew they did it was the little gray security tab they seal the meter with was changed out with a red one.  LOL 

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LOL, We just got our power back a half hour ago.  I did the usual , Checked all breakers in and out of house.  Meter not Turning. NO CURRENT DRAW.  We have two breakers on the pole box with the meter.  One for the House and Other the Well.  Both Dead.  Lost power and I called to report a outage.  The kind lady on the other end of the phone informed me "" We Have No Outages In that Area at this time!""   I informed her YOU DO NOW !  LOL    Went to town for auto parts and received a call from some guy with PNM.  He again stated there were no outages in the area and It must be in house my end.  I informed him of my above actions and again said "" You Have a Outage Now !""   Then he says, "" Are you sure ? I have to call someone out from home being a Sunday!??  Again I inform him of the above actions and said , "" Ah Ell just put it off until Monday.  We can do without the Cooler and Water to the house that long !""   The line went quiet .   He said you will have power back by 11:00AM.   and hung up.    30 minutes later we had power and no one ever came to the house.  I guess they found the outage they didn't have down the road some place?  LOL

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