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Eaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ?

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    Well I'm in SHoCK !   Shock I Tell Ya ! SHoCK! 

Years ago our Walmart removed all the Guns from our store.   Yea they still sold ammo and trinkets but NO GUNS !   Yesterday I noticed they were Remodeling  the store.   Ripping up flooring and Big Time Fixing Up Chit.   Needed some car stuff so I made a pit stop in the sporting goods section.     WELL I'll Be A Cross Eyed Bull Frog !   As part of the Remodel THEY BROUGHT BACK THE GUNS !    No Hand Guns ,  but a fair selection of long guns and shot guns.  


Is Our Country Waking UP ?


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As I've lived in several states over the years, including those with the least restrictive and those with the most restrictive firearms laws, it's always nice to leave, say, New York, and walk into a hardware store in a more reasonable state to see multiple gun racks behind the counter.  It's almost like driving through Canada to Alaska -- you go from seeing few or zero firearms to seeing handgun butts poking out of purses and pockets everywhere.

Nice news on your local Wally World, Homefire.


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Yet another dratted typo
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12 hours ago, homefire said:

Is Our Country Waking UP ?

Bout dang time!!!

Hold people accountable. . . starting with the parents of young children and don't blame the item they choose to use if/when they flip-out.

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