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Once bitten, twice dead...

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Oy, the snake bites his left hand, and then the guy offers it his right.  The story makes no mention of the amount of alcohol consumed prior to the incident. 

I was bitten once in Saline Valley, California, when I was 16.  The dratted thing came out of a small creosote bush that I'd already pushed aside to look under -- obviously I hadn't looked hard enough.  It felt like a branch whacked my shin bone.  As isolated as that valley was (is), I was fortunate that the snake struck the flat of my tibia, where there's not much meat.  When I pulled up my pant leg, there was a dribble of venom running down the outside of my shin -- it looked like a lot of venom to me, all on the wrong side (from the snake's perspective) of my skin.  The after effects were limited to a small swelling, and no more pain than a bad wasp sting.  I did not offer the snake an opportunity to bite my other leg.

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Damn that's not good, he should of been a little more careful, if he was that experienced he should never picked up the snake with just his hands, I feel sad for his wife!

I'm a snake wrangler, been catching snakes since I could remember walking, most everyone in my neighborhood and all of my close friends calls me when they spot a poisonous snake in their yards and some call me no matter what kind of snake it is, but my daddy didn't raise no dummy, the only snakes I will handle with my hands are nonposionous snakes and even then you can get a bad infection from even a nonpoisonous snake bite if you don't clean it properly and apply a anti-bacterial ointment soon after the bite, I never get any part of my body within strike range of a poisonous snake, I use a snake stick or any stick if I don't have my snake stick, and gently prod the snake to get them moving and I use a black cloth bag on a hoop or a black deep bucket and the snake will crawl right into the bag or bucket because they think it's a hidey hole, all the snake wants to do is get to a safe place, the dark interior of the bag or bucket is very appealing to them to hide out, I have never seen a snake that wants to be confrontational, all they're trying to do is get away but if all else fails they will defend themselves the only way they know how.

I relocate all of the snakes into the deep woods, at a mininum of 3 to 5 miles away from where I catch them, snakes are territorial food wise, they are there usually because of a food source and will return to the catch area if not taken well away from there, a mile or two usually isn't far enough.

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Yep, Mr No Shoulders is Faster then the hand for sure.   Use to make fair money catching them for the U of A.   $20.00 each back in the 70's was good money. 

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