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Swampstomper Al Needs Some Good Thoughts and Prayers

Au Seeker

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Some may have notice the absence of Swampstomper Al, he hasn't been on the forum since December 26, 2017 and also on at least two other forums I know he's normally somwhat active, about mid February I was past being more than concerned as to what had happened to him as he is normally a very actice forum membe here and on the other forumsr, soafter another week went by I took advantage of my Administrative forum permissions and use his registered email address to send him a personal email which I don't normally use or devulge to others a member's email address without permission from that member but since he hasn't been here I couldn't ask for that permission.

I got no reply and was really getting seriously worried about him, BUT finally yesterday he did reply, he hadn't been checking his email since the first of the year with all that has happened.

A day or so after Christmas he woke up and his legs and feet were severely swollen, so much so he couldn't even hardly get out of bed and when he was able to get up and if he accidently bumped into something his skin would just break open, he finally was able to get to his allergist and he was having a severe reaction to his new allergy meds, he had ran out of his normal perscription he had been taking for many years and couldn't get it refilled as no one couldn't match what it was, it seems mostly because it was a formulation from an allergist up north and Al couldn't no longer get a hold of the actual formulation info, now in Florida he had a local allergist try and match the formula as best he could and he had been taking the new formula for 3 years, so it seems it had built up in his system and now he was having very bad reactions from the new formula.

 Now he on the road to recovery and not going downhill any longer and actually much better, but it's going to take some time for him to get back to his normal self and I'm sure we'll see him back posting again once he's able to get out detecting again.

If all of ya'll will keep him in your thoughts and or prayers I know it will do a world of good and he will for sure appreciate it!!!



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Get well Swampy! Praying for you..

Tom H.


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Feel better soon Swamp.  Hang in there....  :thumbsupanim

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