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What is this?

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Does it attract a magnet, or try a streak test. If you don't have a piece of tile use the top of your toilet lid. Use the unfinished surface on the inside to scratch your rock on. You are 

looking to see if the rock will leave any color streak. If you have no streak or not much, you may have a meteorite.:m2c:

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It has the visual appearance of a possible meteorite. I have a larger one just like it found in Arizona, which is extremely magnetic. It is confirmed to not be a meteorite though.

I would expect yours to be magnetic. You need to have an expert look at it in person to verify if it is likely to be a meteorite.  Then have it tested. By the way, the toilet lid test is on the underside.


P.S. If it is not magnetic it is unlikely to be a meteorite.

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On 4/26/2018 at 6:40 PM, Entel said:

wish me luck

Good luck! :) A streak test is often very helpful. It looks like your rock might have some iron content (orangey-red spots often mean iron), but it's got some interesting rounded divots in it... almost as though like someone tried flint napping it, but it might just be old and worn from the elements. It will be very interesting to hear what you find out about it & I hope you will let us know!

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I would say not a meteorite. Found similar rocks like this before. Gotta be the best meteorwrongs on earth 😂

like mine, your rocks seem to be layered in areas as well as some interesting minerals popping out (the reddish/orange areas) Very magnetic as well. And although difficult to see from the horrible pics, my rocks are just as “regmaglypted” probably from being sand blasted for tens of thousands, if not millions of years. (Probably explains the black crust as well) 





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