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Hi Fred, simply because I am not not using one at this time, great beeper and amazed me with some of the finds I made. Reality is not much DEEP dirt where I work and swinging a Woody modded 3500 now. Liking it too...... Most areas I hunt are 2 foot deep or less and to be honest the modded 3500 is a kick butt beeper. I still recommend the 7000 under right conditions, but as always I am open to options. And as ya knowI am shy about posting too many finds, but lets say I am liking the 3500 with Woody's mods a bunch. Also having a wider choice of coils is good for me, I hunt areas that vary in rocks, brush, etc and having the ability to change coils to suite conditions is an important consideration. The mod includes an adjustable Gain, different timings, and stability not available in some other models..... Simple as that my friend.

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