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The tongue rock???

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Found this while looking for fossils. I know the surrounding rock is probably sedimentary but the "tongue" part itself when wet looks gelatenous- kind of clearish. Opaque. Underneath the "tongue" there is a little sparkle probably from a little piece of quartz? You can see the surface of the "tongue" has a texture to it. I would love for someone to take a guess as to what it might be. I'm afraid to pick at it very much as I wouldn't want to destroy it. Its kind of odd in a creepy sort of way. I'm sure there is a simple explanation I just have no clue what it is. I am new to the whole rock collecting thing. And on top of that I'm really old! I found it behind our house and we live on a hill in SE Oklahoma if that helps with any of the geological suggestions. I've already been told there are no fossils of animals in our area. Thanks for any help out there.



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If it is a tongue I have some layered rock cake it might like :rolleyes: Cool find you have there. 


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