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Take the Day Off !


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As Ruller of the Realm of HomefireStoneia I here by Declare TODAY a DO NOTHING DAY !   


Amended : Do Nothing You Really don't wish to do !! The following Exceptions Apply. You will do what ever the Significant Other Half Demands. You will Breath. You will force your Heart to Pump. You will Scratch the Dogs Head. You will Be Kind to Critters. You will pick that booger that's hanging from your nose. You will provide your digestive track something to grumble about.

Have a HomefireStoneia Day !

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2 hours ago, Au Seeker said:

WOW, how serendipitous, I did all those things today and I didn't even know it was DO NOTHING DAY!!

Yea, that's like showing up at work on your day off.   It happens. 

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